About Us

Hi! Thank you for checking us out. We are a simple WordPress contact form plugin that is designed to be easy, fast and effective at placing forms on your website without breaking the piggy bank. I had used Joomla (God bless their hearts) since it was first developed and I had just made the switch to WordPress (long overdue – sorry Joomla). Once I made the switch to using WordPress for me and my customers i realized that providing a contact form whether simple or complex was going to be another expense and chore that I didn’t want to have. 

So I set out developing a simple yet effective contact form plugin for myself to use on my websites and also on my clients WordPress websites. After using this for a while I realized that I should offer this service to anyone that needs a simple, effective and reasonable solution to placing contact forms on anywhere on their websites.  Thus DHForms was born (sniff sniff). 

Introducing our simple, yet effective wordpress plugin that enables you to place as many forms as you want on your website without having the need for a developer or coding experience. It is a simple drag and drop process when creating your form. In fact we have included some templates as well to get you started and to make the process easier in getting started.  

So what are you waiting for? Get DHForms today and see for yourself an easy, effective and quick way to get your business done!