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Here’s a snapshot of what makes us your go-to smart form and survey building platform!

Quick Drag and Drop

Save time & effort! With DH Forms, you can create professional forms in minutes using our drag-and-drop builder tool. Drag the fields you need into your form and arrange them to meet your form requirements with ease.

Mobile Responsiveness

Design, build and manage your smart contact forms with ease on any device. DH Form Builder is 100% responsive and flexible - perfect for creating mobile-friendly online forms.

Change THIS*****

Choose from 100+ form templates ready to be customized with easy drag & drop. Whether it’s ready-made form templates to save time or customization to create the perfect form design, the possibilities are endless!

Manage Leads With Ease

View all your leads in one place to simplify your workflow. Easily keep track of all interactions, opportunities and activity on all your leads with DH Forms lead management.

Embed Forms Wherever

Embed forms wherever you please! Easily place your forms in the footer, sidebar widgets, blog posts, web pages with our easy embed feature, ready to serve you at a click’s notice.

Safety First

We care about your safety, therefore our spam and smart captcha protection automatically stops spam submissions.

Instant Response Feature

Save time like never before! We know you're busy and so is your team. That’s why our instant response feature never lets you worry about delays in your follow up. Instead, you can now respond to leads instantly so they don't ever slip through the cracks.

Marketing and Subscription

Your business needs exposure and DH forms will provide just that! With our marketing and subscription feature, you can easily add the subscription link to any email campaign you're sending out and watch your business grow!

Smart Conditional Logic

Our smart conditional logic makes it easy and efficient to build high-performance forms that users love. With one click, you can create trigger rules that can be used to automatically add or remove fields and automate what happens next in your form.

Endless reasons to love DH Forms

Here’s the 3 top ones chosen by our esteemed clients.

Blazing fast form creations!

Create your WordPress contact forms, surveys or donation forms in just a few minutes, without ever having to write any code! Our drag and drop form builder makes it super quick and easy to bring all the elements you need in one place to meet your business needs.

Our smarter workflows are proven to save time!

We want to save you as much time as possible. Our WordPress form builder is built with smart workflows that allow you to create forms quickly. Moreover, DH Forms’ comes with pre-built WordPress form templates that are easily customizable to your needs.

Customization & adaptability

We love to create unique solutions. That’s why we’ve built DH Forms with hooks, filters, and options to make it highly customizable. You can incorporate third-party plugins, create custom fields, change how the form functions, and more with ease.

Expert Opinion

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Anyone really. If you wish to create any type of form free of hassle, you need to be using DH Forms. To put it into perspective, If your business needs to gather information, conduct surveys or ask for any opinion, then DH Forms is what you need.
DH forms is a plugin for WordPress. All you need to have is a self-hosted WordPress site in order to use DH forms. That is it.
Absolutely not! No coding knowledge is required to create and manage any form. DH Forms is the most user-friendly contact form platform available today. Literally!
DH forms are expertly designed with performance in mind. Our plugin has been developed in line with current standards and best practices to ensure smooth and quick operation.
There is full support for translation and localization in the DH forms text domain. You should be able to find all translation files in the .mo and .po file formats in the languages folder found at the base of the plugin.
Because DH forms is a plugin for WordPress, it cannot be used on non-WordPress sites. Furthermore, DH Forms cannot be used with unless your account level is Business or eCommerce. DH Forms is only compatible with self-hosted WordPress sites.
DH Forms can be used on client sites in two ways. You can either purchase an Elite license or a license for each client site (and earn 20% commission if you can refer them to DH Forms).
Yes. Your partnership would be greatly appreciated. For more information on partnering with DH Forms, please visit our affiliate page.

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